Optimus Prime & Grimlock in Transformers Age of Extinction
Optimus Prime & Grimlock in Transformers Age of Extinction. via transformersmovie.com

The plot as appears in this trailer is nothing like what I expected.

  • Mark Wahlberg plays a dad in the country trying to put his kids through school. Completely unrelated to any previous movies. I don’t see any sign of any previous characters, at least in the trailer.
  • Looks like Optimus Prime is found as a piece of junk and is awoken by Wahlberg. However this video says it’s actually Nemesis Prime. Since the truck found by Wahlberg looks like an older model of Prime I’d give this some weight.
  • There are humans after all transformers quoted as saying “we don’t need you anymore”. Which sounds similar to what was said in the last movie before the Decepticons came in and laid waste to Chicago. Indeed there is a quick cut to a scene with a bunch of spaceships approaching Earth.
  • Another invasion, this time led by who appears to be Galvatron with a face-cannon.
  • Optimus Prime gets effed up. Again.
  • DINOBOTS! We get a good look at Grimlock and all of his teeth. There is a repeat of a scene from the Super Bowl commercial teaser with a two-headed flying pterodactyl-looking thing.

Watch the trailer below.