Probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen on twitter in a while. The hastag #YoureWelcomeMexico was trending worldwide last night after the USA beat Panama 3-2 in Panama City. The victory (unfortunately) closed the door on Panama and (also unfortunately) leaves the door open for Mexico to head to a play-off against New Zealand for a spot in next year’s World Cup. Presumably, what started it all was a tweet by the official US Soccer twitter account to the official Mexican Soccer twitter account…

And then… the Interwebs won.

You see, the internetz has a very vivid imagination.

Graham Zusi, owed a lifetime supply of tacos. Image from SBNation
Graham Zusi, owed a lifetime supply of tacos. Image from SBNation

Hear the call by Mexico’s TV announcers “We love you! We love you forever and ever!” At that exact moment Panama was winning against the USA at home while Mexico was losing 2-1 to and playing very poorly against a very good Costa Rican team which meant that Mexico was OUT of the World Cup for the first time in… forever. Hope was a four letter word. And then… the USA scored to equalize and then promptly scored again to take the lead, crushing Panama’s chances but also giving life to Mexico. I love the emotion and elation with which the announcer professes his love for the USA at that moment and then proceeds to bash the Mexican team, the players, and the coach.

Full match highlights available on US Soccer’s Youtube channel: