A new KICK-ASS trailer, AICN’s mini-(p)review of Daybreakers, catch up on Lost seasons 1-5 in 8mins and 15secs (yeah, i see what you did there!), and a few other random bits of news.


First up, over at Yahoo! Movies is the new KICK-ASS trailer (via AICN). Similar to the first one (you’ll see some scenes repeated) but it seems to flesh out the story a little further. I did not read the comics/graphic novel series so I’m in the dark as to how this ends up. But the basic premise is some geeks/teens decide to become real costumed super-heroes. Looks like a fair bit of comedy as well as action involved and from what I’m reading seems to be pretty good. AICN says “KICK-ASS is honestly one of the most deliriously entertaining action films I’ve ever seen”. Click for an HD version.


For those of you who haven’t been watching Lost, but want to know what has been going on so you can see the last season can catch up on the first 5 seasons via the Youtubery below. Get Lost in 8:15 via Mahalo.



AICN’s Capone has a mini (p)review of Daybreakers which opens this week(?) starring the likes of Ethan Hawke, William Dafoe, and Sam Neil. He seems pretty keen on the movie. While it’s not one I’ll be watching, since I’m the biggest chicken EVER, it sounds like an actually good movie with some good actors, a good plot, and a good story. Here’s the summary from Capone:

During the day, small pockets of free humans roam the earth essentially doing nothing more than finding new and better places to hide from the military, whose sole purpose in this time of diminishing natural resources (i.e., human blood) is to track down humans and turn them over to companies like the one owned by Hawke’s boss, played with eccentric menace by Sam Neill, to farm their blood for as long as they can be kept alive. Some less than scrupulous vamps have taken to feeding on each other, which leads to some truly nasty, primal consequences.

They manage to incorporate a good deal of traditional vampire lore in a story that stays far away from the Gothic, dreamy, romantic type storytelling that his poisoned the vampire well of late. I’m sorry, but I like my vampire with fangs, ripping throats, and transforming into giant bat-like creatures. And no f***ing sparkling.

Interesting, yah?

GI Joe 2?

AICN is also reporting (here & here) that there is going to be a GI Joe sequel… I know, I know. At first mention it sounds horrific. While GI Joe wasn’t the *worst* movie I’ve ever seen, it was far from worthy of a sequel. But apparently, it made enough money at the box office to warrant a little more. However, there is hope for this one. The writers are going to be Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who wrote Zombieland (by all accounts a good flick), and are currently writing it’s sequel AND the upcoming Deadpool movie. We shall see…

Avatar 2?

In other sequel stories, there will be an Avatar 2. I don’t know how they will resolve the story. The natives still have stuff the humans want. And I can only imagine the “corporation” is going to bring bigger, badder machines this time around… or will they bring more diplomats? Or will they just assume the humans don’t come back and continue the love story? Or maybe now they want the “tech” of the tree instead of the metal underneath it?