AICN is at it again. Follow the link to see the upcoming premiere dates for various TV shows, sorted by date or by title.

A few notables for me:

  • Big Bang Theory (CBS) Jan. 11
  • Bones (Fox) Jan. 14
  • Burn Notice (USA) Jan. 21
  • Caprica (Syfy) Jan. 22
  • Castle (ABC) Jan. 11
  • Chuck (NBC) Jan. 10
  • Community (NBC) Jan. 14
  • Dollhouse (Fox) Jan. 8
  • FlashForward (ABC) March 4
  • Fringe (Fox) Jan. 11
  • Glee (Fox) April 13
  • Heroes (NBC) Jan. 4
  • Human Target (Fox) Jan. 17
  • It’s Me Or The Dog (AP) Jan. 2
  • Kitchen Nightmares (Fox) Jan. 29
  • Lost (ABC) Feb. 2
  • Modern Family (ABC) Jan. 6
  • The Office (NBC) Jan. 21
  • Pacific (HBO) March 14
  • Parks and Recreation (NBC) Jan. 14
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (CN) Jan. 1
  • 30 Rock (NBC) Jan. 14
  • Top Gear (BBCA) Jan. 25
  • 24 (Fox) Jan. 17
  • V (ABC) March 30

Bones, Castle, Glee, & Modern Family are all shows that the fam sits down to watch together. These are all well-made shows, interesting and entertaining. Modern Family is downright hysterical.

Dollhouse is showing it’s final few episodes since it’s already been canned by FOX. I don’t know if they are going to tie up all the loose ends or maybe leave some open if they move to another channel or do some straight to DVD work (ala Battlestar Galactica). The show was overall pretty decent, but it has had its ups & downs. Worth renting the seasons from Netflix if you’re boared, but definitely not a buy.

I’m really intrigued by Caprica. Set about 50 or so years (?) before the events in the Battlestar: Galactica series, it tells how the Cyclons came to exist. This is more in the vein of drama than it is any sort of action/adventure. There are some good actors but the story is a bit fuzzy and the movie/pilot idnd’t “wow” me. Having said that I’ll definitely check it out and see where it goes.

V. Hmmmm. The original 80’s mini-series is still watchable (yes, I own the DVDs) and kinda relevant. The update is… umm… “OK”. They’ve set the stage to potentially have some interesting plot developments and story twists. If they play it right this can be a REALLY good series. You’ve got elements of “who can I trust”, “big brother is watching”, “am I paranoid or are they REALLY following me”, plus the usual politicians out for their own, the media and the dummies who follow it. BUT. There were some spots in the 4 opening episodes that had some really shady dialogue and delivery. I know it’s not the actors because most of them have been in other projects that I’ve liked. So something is fishy with the direction and scripting. It looks like an expensive show to make, so if it doesn’t have real good ratings real early, I’d expect it to be canceled. Considering the promise it has, I hope it does well.