AICN quotes the live feed in the 18-49 ratings numbers from Monday night. Nothing shocking here…

6.5 House
4.6 Big Bang Theory
4.4 Two and a Half Men
4.3 CSI Miami
4.1 Dancing With The Stars
3.5 How I Met Your Mother
3.2 Accidentally On Purpose
2.7 Heroes
2.3 Castle
1.8 The Jay Leno Show
1.2 One Tree Hill
1.1 Gossip Girl

Heroes has not just jumped any old shark. They jumped the retarded mentally challenged, one-eyed, laser-beam toting, cape wearing, D&D playing shark. The first two episodes weren’t as bad as last seasons, at least as far as I can recall since I’ve conveniently forgotten most of it. Their problem is they’ve laid a huge minefield of plot bombs that are so ridiculously log-challenged (yes, I know it’s a story about super-heroes) that i don’t know if they can find their way out before they get cancelled.

Big Bang Theory is a pretty under-rated show, I think. The humor is pretty funny and not just dim-witted slapstick and one-liners. This episode wasn’t that great, but on the whole I find it an entertaining sitcom.