I can only chuckle at the drama amongst these two.

Long story short:

  • Beckham goes to AC Milan on loan through March (or thereabouts). – Everybody with an IQ of more than 27 says “yeah right”
  • Beckham loves it in Milan and tells everybody about it. Not a shocker, since Milan is very nice and playing at a high level ensures he stays on the radar for the English national team.
  • Beckham says “it would be great if I could stay”. Milan says “we love Beckham and we will get him”.
  • LA says “make me an offer”.
  • Milan says “here is a bag of Twix candy bars, and a pre-chewed piece of chewing gum” (a.k.a. $3million).
  • LA falls over laughing at the offer of $3million for a player they have a $25million contract with.

So back and forth they go with Beckham saying “I’m confident they will find a way to make it work so I can stay in Milan, I really like it here”, then Milan says “I don’t know why they won’t accept such a reasonable offer”, and LA saying “We’re listening, but I haven’t heard a REAL offer yet”.

Looks like they finally got it done, with Beckham staying in Milan through July via an extension of his loan. LA gets some cash out of it, and Beckham back for the second half of the season. Beckham gets to stay in Milan through the season, then potentially buy out the remainder of his contract in November. Milan gets Beckham for the remainder of the season, and then if Beckham buys his way out of the contract Milan can get him without paying a transfer fee.