I love it, absolutely LOVE IT when people don’t listen to me.

So I tell somebody “Look, I would really like to help you out, but I can’t get to you until the Fall, or maybe late Summer” (Yes, the fall. You read that right). So about two weeks later I get an email… “Hey, are you still busy? Can you do this project for me now?” This is the third time the question has been asked and I’m about to send the same response for the third time. I think I’ll copy & paste it.

WTH (H for heck) is wrong with you?

  • Did you forget my answer? I don’t think you forgot what my response was, because you are clearly responding to the message in which I told you you have to wait.
  • Did you think I was making it up the first time? I’d prefer you just ask me if I’m making it up.
  • Did you ask again in the hopes that you’ll get a different answer? This is the most likely, and it annoys me just like people that call your phone 300 times until you pickup.