Oh, man it burns! My eyes and ears are on fire.

Check out this video folks. Sent to me by the teenager, who beat me to a video for the first time in… ever. You can stop when the video gets to the music/album art (you’ll see what I mean) there isn’t anything else interesting after that.


First, of all I find it SHOCKING that you would teach this to children. I almost fell over when he said that the serrated edge of the teeth was for eating roots n stuff.

The logic these people use is Heroes level logic. And they always come prepared with like 1 example which disproves the actual scientific community’s bajillion pieces of evidence. For example: the fruit bat has sharp teeth and doesn’t eat meat = T-Rex has sharp teeth and doesn’t eat meat. Makes complete sense right?


Yeah. OK. Well, does that mean tiger’s don’t eat meat either? What about my dog, he has sharp teeth too. Is he an “in the closet” vegetarian? I wish he would tell me, because I’m totally cool if he is. How about sharks? Killer whales? Vegans?