Lot’s of goodies here today.


The Zombieland trailer is available over at Apple’s Movie Trailer site. Looks to be interesting (doesn’t mean I’m going to watch it though), with Woody Harrelson as an expert zombie killer. The trailer is pretty fun, showing what I can only guess is a “zombie kill of the week” feature where you can show off how you killed a zombie… and the winner is an old lady dropping a piano on one. Click the image to see some stills from the movie via AICN.


The first trailer asked the question “How would the governments of our planet prepare 6 billion people for the end of the world? ……… they wouldn’t” as a tidal wave swept over some mountains (yeah, think about that).

The newest trailer (from Yahoo!) goes into some more detail about the plot. Looks like the world **really* bites it. Everything is falling apart, collapsing, burning, drowning, sinking, etc. Some really good visuals here. The trailer shows some “ships” and animals being loaded up (two by two anyone?) and of course a mad stampede of people trying to get in. The “ships” look pretty slick, not like boats at all. I would even go so far as to say they look like spaceships. Then I saw somewhere (can’t recall where) that another planet pops into near Earth orbit which is what causes all the destruction. Leads me to think these “ships” might take us to the other planet. Who knows…


This is a pilot from Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica) to air on Fox on June 26th (next friday). If all goes well, it will become a series. Otherwise, this is a one shot deal. The idea behind it is pretty good. A mision to another planet is launched. There is a virtual reality system to keep everyone from getting bored while on the journey. Turns out the VR might be buggy, and the reason for their journey might not be “just” for exploration, since it seems that the governments of the world just announced that Earth has 100 years before it ends (or something like that). Check out a really long 12min trailer. From AICN.

Enjoy the weekend folks!