Now what am I going to do on Friday nights?

Note there are SPOILERS BELOW if you haven’t watched it yet.

Overall, it was a good ending to the series. There was a great battle scene (nothing compares to the libertation of New Caprica though), and I think all of the loose ends were tied up giving a nice sense of closure. I’m not entirely a fan of the idea that they found Earth and started breeding with the Neanderthals, but I don’t know how else they could have written their way out of it. The only other recourse would be to find Earth in the future (near future or distant, don’t matter). And they had to find Earth at some point, since that was the whole point of the series.

I am also not a fan of them renouncing all their technology and dumping all the starships into the sun. If I were there, I would definitely have hijcaked one of the ships and stashed it somewhere. BELIEVE IT. But, again, I don’t see another way they could have written their way out of it considering they had to end up on Earth.

I am a fan though of the final few episodes. They did have a rough patch after the escape from New Caprica, and the start to season four. But I thought they did a great job of building up tension going into the finale. There was a great sense of “this is it. Our last chance” and knowing the Galactica was nearing the end. I think something may have gotten in my eye after Galactica’s final jump where the stress from the jump literally tore her apart. Tigh said “Her back is broken”. *snif*

Looking back on the whole series, the mini-series was Fantastic. The first episode “33” was probably the single best hour of TV I have ever watched. The resistance and escape from New Caprica were top notch. The end battle escaping New Caprica, was the BEST BATTLE I’ve ever seen on TV, and probably best ever including movies too (at least I can’t think of any better off the top of my head). The tension of the battle and what was at stake. The dive into atmosphere and JUMP, had me jumping out of my chair. And then the final few episodes.

I would normally say here “BSG, we’ll miss you”. However, there is already at least one movie coming up, called “The Plan”. From the commercials, I think it involves the Cylon plan to obliterate the Colonies. And of course, there is an upcoming Caprica movie/series.