From IGN, via AICN. Click the image below to visit and see this video (you can also download HD versions). It details all the tech of the Humans in the Avatar movie. There are big robots, big guns, helicopter looking things, some stuff that looks like the Marine’s equipment in Aliens. GREAT stuff.

This is a movie that is rapidly crawling up into my “must see in theaters” list. If you know me, you know I avoid the movie theaters like the plague. Because, in some cases, they actually do have the plague.

Reasons why i don’t go to the theaters.

  • Teens texting, IMing, surfing on iPhones that light up the dark theater. Leaving me seeing sunspots for hours.
  • Little kids kicking the seats. It doesn’t even have to be my seat since all of them in a row are connected I feel the percussions from halfway down the row.
  • Little kids asking “Daddy why did he do that?”. If you want to see a grownup movie, DON’T bring small children. If you can’t find a babysitter… too bad. Stay at home then.
  • The Press of Humanity. I value my personal space. I have none in a crowded theater. Seeing a movie weeks or months after it’s been out only increases the amount of bored teens in the theater.
  • No matter how well I prepare, I always end up going to pee at some point during the movie. Or having to hold it in towards the end.
  • Cost is almost $10 per ticket. Heaven forbid you buy popcorn and a soda. I don’t want to hear about matinees being cheaper because around here it’s only 1 or 2 dollars cheaper. Not enough to make a difference in my book. Yes. I’m cheap.

So there are very few movies I go see in a theater. A “theater-worthy” movie has to be big on visuals. Really big. The last few movies I saw were Transformers and Star Trek. No Driving Miss Daisy type movies for me in the theater. Those are reserved for watching from the comfort of my couch with a glass of wine in one hand, and good book in the other.