Now almost every day somebody asks me to do something stupid.

But some days… I really just don’t feel like doing that stupid thing. So I ask “Why are we doing this stupid thing, shouldn’t we NOT do this stupid thing? Why don’t we do something intelligent instead?” Which of course, as all of my loyal readers (both of you) know… this isn’t going to end well. In particular when I get a response like “Well, I know it’s stupid. But do it anyway.”

There aren’t too many places in life where you can know something is stupid… do it anyway… and walk away unscathed. Like, which one of these story beginnings do you think has a happy ending:

“Well, I knew I shouldn’t have driven the car knowing the brakes don’t work… but I did it anyway…”

“Well, I knew the chick had crabs, but I did her anyway…”

“Well, I knew the ground beef had been sitting out in the summer sun for 3 days and had flies buzzing on it… but I ate it anyway…”

Exactly. But it seems like the corporate environment is the only place where being stupid doesn’t end horribly wrong. In fact, in many cases it ends in a promotion or raise, or both!

Anyway, as a homage to my mood at the moment, check out this video of a guy who goes flat out bonkers in the office.

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane

And then you’ve got the follow up video, somebody with a camera phone records the incident from another angle

PS Thanks to Cliff for the first link, and then Geoff for the follow up