This is from Cute Overload. But it isn’t really cute. It’s rather creepy, if I’m being honest.

Doesn’t anyone ever watch movies anymore? How many times does the whole “Train an animal to eat HUMAN FLESH” idea have to go horribly, horribly wrong before people learn? All it takes is one dose of gamma rays, a bite from a radioactive spider (who just happened to fall in the tank), or some other random mutation and they will FIGURE A WAY OUT OF THE TANK. Then what!?!?!

I can see the conversation now…

Spa Technician: “Just put your feet in this here secure tank, m’lady”
Spa Customer: “Really, the fish are so tiny I can’t even see them.”
ST: “Tiny? Ha, Haha, Ha. No they are quite large, and easily trainable, they’re great with kids. This one’s name is Charlie, and… wait. Oh, no. OH NOOOOOO, They’ve ESCAPED!!!!”
SC: “What’s that tingling I feel on my toe, oh my, my LEG IS GONE!”