No one ever yells that anymore. And if they did, they’d get ignored anyway.

This is more proof of what is wrong with the world today, especially in bigger cities. No one cares unless it is happening to them. The Neistat brothers decided to steal their own bikes in NYC in order to prove a point… It is ridiculously easy to steal a bike if no one stops you. It’s even easier when others help you steal it, and easier still when the police DRIVE RIGHT BY YOU and instead ask the guy videotaping to move his car because he’s blocking traffic. Way to keep those priorities in perspective, boys in blue.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″][/youtube]

Now, truth be told, I wouldn’t say anything at the hacksaw, the hammer, or the grinding circular saw. I would think that poor bastard lost his key/combination and is stuck there trying to get his bike loose so he can get to his second job to pay for food for his five starving children at home. Then I think, “Don’t you know what a condom is for?!?! WHY are you having kids you can’t afford, IDIOT”. Then I remember… his just a thief.

Anyway, the bolt cutters was the shocker. He walked up all suspicious-like, cut the chain and bolted away. I don’t think I would confront him because frankly you don’t know *who* that guy is, but I woulda called the cops with a visual ID on him at least. But then that begs the question… What do the police do with that information? By the time they show up (if they show up) the perp is long gone. And you can’t exactly sit around all day waiting for the owner to show up and explain to him “Yeah this white guy came along and took your bike. He went thataway ->”.