This show has everything. Women, drama, racism, women, tears, bikinis, makeovers, women, and some more drama.

It’s called Momma’s Boys on NBC.

The mothers. Oh my. Two of them are OK, then there is that one crazy nutzo.

First you’ve got Lorraine and her son Michael. Lorraine seems pretty cool, but her son has a fixation on the tall blonde bimbo look. And there are plenty of tall blonde bimbo looking girls so look for some good conflict there. In fact, in the second episode, Michael goes on a date with one of the tall blonde bimbos (who spent her college tuition on a boob job) and I heard what was borderline porno-level dialog. Girl: “I think your hot.” Guy: “I think you’re hot too.” Smooch.

You’ve got the stereo-typical Jewish mom in Esther and her son Robert. Esther is a funny lady. Unfortunately for her, Robert is probably the most uninteresting of the bachelors. Not that he’s a bad guy… just a little dull. At least in the first episode, Robert seems to like Amanda the doctor, but she seemed to be eyeballing Michael instead. In the second episode Lorraine and Esther were competing for her. Amusing.

Last, but definitely not least. Psycho mom Khalood and her son JoJo. JoJo seems like a decent enough guy, but I think his mom has had the leash around him for so long that it’s hard for him to break away. He reminds me a bit of Slater from Saved by the Bell. His mom though… oy vey. Doesn’t want her son to date blacks, asians, jews, or muslims. She only wants a white catholic girl. She must be “perfect and petite”. Folks, this lady is a racist. Doesn’t matter that she says she has plenty of black friends, and knows the half of the Detroit Lions (her quote). If she thinks another person is “not good enough” (which means they are less than you) simply based on the color of their skin, that is a racist. You could see as soon as she walked in, she was nicer to the white girls than any of the other girls of color (spanish, asian, black, whatever). And she picked out the cute Brittany to talk to and was super nice until she found out Brittany was half-Jewish. “NEXT!”. Then, the real drama unfolded as several of the girls confronted her about her racism. I’m not sure there is any good that can come of that type of confrontation (none did). Clearly, this lady has been molded by years of ignorance and putting a few nice, educated, and attractive black women in front of her for a few minutes won’t change her mind. The first thing shes asks them is if they all play backetball! Of course, emotions run high and an altercation ensues. An altercation which, I think, affected Vita‘s stay on the show as JoJo booted her off in the second episode after he had previously said he was interested. He initially kept her on the show, but I’m not sure how much of that was a weak attempt to stand up to his controlling mother. And eventually, she bullied him into letting her go.

That ain’t all folks. She interupted JoJo’s date with Brittany (half-Jewish, remember) by sitting with them in the jacuzzi. I got a real good chuckle out of that. She’s got some control issues. Right in front of Brittany she says to JoJo “I just think you should keep your options open.” Classy. Real Classy. If someone doesn’t do what she wants, she gets angry and they immediately go on her shitlist. She tells Brittany to stop kissing her son if she wants to stay on her good side. She doesn’t have a good side. It seems like the quickest way onto her bad side (other than being a minority) is to be an independant woman.

Then the girls. Some were good looking, some weren’t. Some were nice, some weren’t. The quote of the first episode was by Natalie who said she hasĀ  “Cantelope sized, stainless steel balls.” Cara (easily the lowest IQ on the show) broke down crying after breaking her heel. Then there was the burping contest in the jacuzzi (sexy!… Not).

Tune in Mondays on NBC.