Or how about the scene in Star Wars when they BEG the soon to be Emperor to take the job?

This may be one of the last messages to be sent from Sweden before the Parliament forces all the big Internet and Telecom providers to send a copy of all their traffic to a state run surveillance central.


Swedes will never be able to communicate again without a copy being sent to the state of all the traffic that passes our borders.

Wow. Can you imagine, every email you send, every IM you send, every file you upload, every blog comment you post (haha!) being read by somebody?

OK, who am I kidding, it’s probably going on right here in the good ‘ol USA. Why else do you think I wear this tinfoil hat? But at least the government here has the good sense to keep quiet about it… the swedish government is PASSING A LAW.

Mayday Mayday! Internet Wall of China – around Sweden!” Definitely a must read article.