I know I’ve posted some really geeky or nerdy or techie stuff in the past… but this takes the cake. It’s LINGUISTIC geek/nerd/tech stuff. Really, it’s a fascinating read if you’re at all interested in the evolution of language. And even if you aren’t just skim it a bit, and see the good stuff near the bottom.

FUTURESE – The American Language in 3000 AD

A few notable tidbits in there that *I* found interesting was the article’s mention of sci-fi and fantasy authors who have invented some form (or another) of speech either in the future or just plain made it up. Tolkien was the first to come to mind since he made up several langauges for his Hobbit and Ring books. Also mentioned are authors like Heinlen and Herbert who used english for the most part and threw in a few words that could be a derivative of words in use today.

The writer guesses what English will sound like in 2100AD, 2400AD, 2700AD and 3000 AD.