…Gallardo who will have his press conference today according to Goff. Here’s a photo of (from left to right) 6’2″ Gonzalo Peralta (D-Argentina), 5’4″ Franco Neil (F-Argentina), 5’10” Gonzalo Martinez (D-Colombia), and 5’10” Jose Carvallo (GK-Peru)

Also, from Goff’s “Quotes of the day”, here are a couple of gems from United’s heroes Jaime Moreno and Benny Olsen:


When asked how he felt about playing alongside so many fellow Latin Americans, 12-year veteran Jaime Moreno deadpanned: “I don’t know, I’m American now.”

Asked how things will be different with so many Spanish-speaking players on the club, Ben Olsen said: “It has changed the team meetings — they are a lot longer now. Tommy starts in and then you have to wait for the translation. With my ADD [attention deficit disorder], it kicks in. I’ve got to start learning Spanish or something.”

United does some remodeling – One of Goff’s articles from the printed newspaper. Has some info about the new signings, and a neat slideshow of photos.