“Kerlon” sounds like the name of a character in a sci-fi movie, but really he’s a 20 year old Brazilian currently playing for Cruzeiro and sought after by the big Euro clubs. He is known as the creator of the “seal dribble” in which he flicks the ball up onto his head and runs while juggling the ball.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpcYH_xCSiQ[/youtube]


This guy is a concussion just waiting to happen. “Back in my day” I would have plowed through this guy like Terry Tate enforcing Cover Sheets on TPS reports. How far is he expecting to get bouncing the ball on his head? Just dribble all the way into the goal? I think not. And with his head looking up like that (he says he can see people in front of him) one good jarring hit and his career is on the quick path to funny headgear, riding the short bus, and perpetual drooling.

If you can get a good defender to time it just right, you can easily charge right through him, shoulder to jaw and head the ball away. No foul, no whistle, no drawbacks… except for that concussion. The guy in the clip above *almost* had it, but he gets some style points for de-cleating him.

Here’s to hoping that kind of “showmanship” ends up in the EPL or Bundesliga, where they really “appreciate” that sort of play.