I’ve been told I’ve been quite curmudgeonly lately. So to avoid that label I’ll say something nice.

I had the nicest elevator experience today. Usually, people getting into an elevator are a combination of stupid, rude, and weird. But today, I was standing with a group of four others waiting to get on. The doors opened, all the guys stood back while the one lady got on the elevators. Then the guys piled in neatly afterwards, one person held their hand in front of the doors so they wouldn’t close (the elevator doors are like a bear trap here) until everybody was on. Everyone spread out equally in the elevator, giving everyone the maximum amount of “personal space” possible. And then, to top it off, when the elevator stopped at one of the first floors, the person standing in front of the doors stepped aside so that the person behind them could get out.

Bravo, everyone. Bravo.

I know most might think that’s not a very interesting story. But normal is good. Normal is very good. Most elevator experiences are filled with people pushing and shoving their way in, then crowding into your space when there’s plenty of room elsewhere, and there is always that one person who stands in front of the door panting and fogging up the stainless steel.

To add to my anti-curmudgeon tendencies today, here is a link to what With Leather calls “THE BEST WAY TO NEVER HAVE SEX, EVER”