Starting with the goodies…

DC United wins 4-2 over New York Red Bulls (again).

Nelly Furtado a DC United fan? If so, she just went up a few notches in my book. The Boz and Goff both mention her wearing United jerseys at her concert this weekend.

Kenny Cooper gets his leg broken by Tyronne Marshall. They say he’s out 8 weeks, I would guess it will be more before he comes back to full strength. In short, his season may be over. Its a shame because he was probably going to go to the Copa America.

Speaking of Copa America, I dunno who we’re going to have as strikers. Currently Ching, Johnson, Twellman and Donovan are with the US for the Gold Cup. Young studs like Altidore are going to be with the U20s which is going on at the same time. Cooper is out, Rolfe is out. That leaves only some older fringe guys like Wolfe (injured?), Jaqua, Eskandarian, and Cunningham. Doesn’t look too good…

Honduras beat Mexico. Hahahahahaha!

Real’s Beckham approach snubbed. This is so comical to me. Beckham wasn’t getting much love from Real Madrid, so he signs a contract with MLS and the LA Galaxy. Real President Ramon Calderon then says he’s “an average cinema actor living in Hollywood” and the Coach Fabio Capello says he ain’t playing for Real Madrid anymore. Then of course, Becks wins his way back onto the first team, and now that he’s playing well for club and country Calderon says “We need to sit down with Beckham, his representatives and with (Real sporting director Predrag) Mijatovic, look at this clause, and decide between us. But for me I would be delighted if he remained at the club”. They think their must be some sort of “get out” clause (there isn’t), causing red-headed dummy, er, I mean, GM Alexi Lalas to say “Nothing has changed. We can’t wait for Beckham to get here”