Steven Goff says Brazilian Forward Emilio Is Ready to Sign With D.C., writing that Emelio has been signed and should be annouced this afternoon at a press conference at RFK.

According to Zman Gunner at BigSoccer in this post, he says:

* Unofficial goal totals by season in Honduras (where they play an Apertura in Fall and a Clausura in Spring. Each season is usually 18 games)
– 2002 Apertura – 11 goals
– 2003 Clausura – 10 goals (league leader)
– 2003 Apertura – 10 goals
– 2004 Clausura – 14 goals (league leader)
– 2004 Apertura – 16 goals (league leader)
– 2005 Apertura – 9 goals
– 2006 Clausura – 13 goals (league leader)

Apparently, he went to Germany (from Brasil) at 20 years old and never quite fit in, scoring a grand total of 1 goal in 3 seasons between FC Cologne and Alemania Aachen. He has hit his stride in Honduras tho as you can see in the quote above. If he keeps up a similar pace in MLS (we’ll see) that comes out to about 20 goals per season.

My take? Its about damn time. We just need to fill in a few more holes (at least one starting wide midfielder, backups at both outside mids, defense, and forwards) and we’re good to go…