DC United loses to Real Salt Lake 2-1. It wasn’t that close.

That had to be possibly the worst match I have ever seen DC United play. Ever. Ever. Ever. I am deleting this from my ghetto tivo, I am rubbing a big magnet over my head in the hopes of erasing my memory of this ever happening.

I won’t dwell on it, but just a few choice bits that I took from this game.

  • Jay Nolly was bad. I don’t blame him for the goals, although I do think a better goalie stops one if not both of those. Really, you don’t have much of a chance 1v1 with an accomplished striker. And not to take anything away from rookie Bobby Findley, but he is far from accomplished. But besides that, Nolly really showed no command of the box and didn’t really seem to have much presence or calming influence on the backline. I’m not ready to throw him in the dumpster just yet, but he has a long way to go before I think he’s ready to even be a dependable backup.
  • The last two weeks we did a really good job of getting solid flank play from Fred and Olsen. They were getting the ball wide and getting behind the defense. This helped to stretch out the defense leaving more room for Gomito in the middle. On Saturday, we got none of that. Olsen and Fred barely got a sniff of the ball and when they did they were really far back or really pinched into the middle.
  • The defense reminded me of the last team I played soccer with (before my knees called it quits). It was a co-ed team and we had two guys back there who could barely run and barely kick. We gave up easily about 4-5 goals per game.

Theres probably more… but I’m having trouble remembering my name at the moment…