Look. It’s cold outside. There is a couple of inches of snow/sleet/ice on the ground. STAY HOME.

I just watched the idiot Texan neighbor dig her car out. Notice, that it was the woman digging out the car. Not the guy. He usually takes the metro to work and the old lady stays at home with the SUV, ya know, in case she needs to go to the grocery store or something. Anyway, he either already went to work, standing in the freezing cold waiting for the bus to come, or he’s at home asleep.

Anyway, I amused myself somewhat while I watched this haggard lady (she’s got two rugrats) trying to wipe off the sleet from her car. She used the ice scraper on the hood of the car. Lordy. Then, in order to get out of the parking spot, she just gunned the engine of the SUV. Needless to say, I could hear the wheelspin, and see the plume of exhaust. I was halfway hoping the wheels would suddenly get a grip and her car would launch into the car across the way. Finally she got out, and sped off. Safe and secure in the knowledge that she can drive just like she normally does because she is in an SUV. Fortunately, she left plenty of snow on the roof of her car which will act as cushioning if the car decides to flip over. Good thinking.

Then i watched another neighbor, a very short lady who was on the cell phone the entire time she was “cleaning” her car. For about 30 mins. She left a bunch of snow on the roof too, but I give her some leeway since she was so short. So short in fact, that she left a line of snow right down the middle of the front windshield cuz she couldn’t reach all the way across from either side of the car.

Just stay home folks.