Hey folks, if you were *considering* going to RFK this Thursday to watch DC United play the New England Revolution, you had better make that a definite YES.

  • ESPN will be tailgating at RFK. They will be in Lot 8 starting at 5:30pm. They say “food & drink” so expect food and cameras, hope for beer and women ;) A band called Love Seed Mama Jump will be playing live
  • The 1st 3000 people in the gates get a free ESPN/Adidas black t-shirt
  • And if you follow this link to dcunited.com/espn2for1 and get a Premium ticket ($26) then you get another Free ticket in the same level. You know, a “two for one” deal otherwise known as “buy one get one free”

So what are the details? Well, we’re playing the Revs, it’ll be on ESPN2 at 7pm, ESPN is holding a tailgate starting at 5:30pm, the Barra Brava and Screaming Eagles have their own tailgates starting whenever the first guy with beer shows up from after work, weather should be nice, we are 0-3 and desperately need a win. Did I miss anything?