Man, I love warm weather!

Sunny, high of 80 degrees, nary a cloud in the sky except for smog of course :) I get out of bed with a bounce in my step. I was working from home so instead of sitting in traffic getting frustrated I turned on some tunes and listened to Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Tito Puentes, the Gypsy Kings, and the Buena Vista Social Club among others as I cooked a nice breakfast and had a cup of Starbuck’s Italian Roast coffee to kick off the day.

Yesterday was nice too. I helped Betty with Picture Perfect Pups at an event down in Prince William County with the Potomac Nationals. It was called “Dog Days at the Park” and was basically bring your dog to the ballgame day. I don’t know anything about the Potomac Nationals, except I can guess that they are associated with the Washington Nationals. Here is their mascot, I believe its called “Uncle Slam”.

Potomac Nationals Mascot

Several times I commented, “Man, that dude must be baking in there.” “He hasn’t moved in a few minutes, I think he passed out”. Came to find out later that “he” was a “she” in that suit.

While I was there, I figured I’d walk around and get some photos, practicing with my Camera, a Digital Rebel XT. I tried to get creative, as you see in the photo at right. And I tried to get as many action shots as I could. The pitcher warming up and the guy sprinting for a double are probably the best of the bunch, but I think there are some other pretty decent ones in there. I’ve gotten a bit better at fiddling with the settings on the camera. I could leave it on “auto”, but then what’s the fun in that? I’m hoping to practice more at the DC United reserve games once they kick off starting on May 6th.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day. The dog rescue group Pups 2 Luv was there with a reunion of sorts. People who had adopted through them came by and participated in a parade before the game started. I’m a big fan of adopting dogs from rescue groups. many times there are some really good dogs there (although I may be a little biased after having gotten Luke and Logan). Hopefully the event will give a chance for some exposure and maybe get a few more deserving dogs adopted.

Now after all that, my allergies are back again in FORCE. But its not enough to deter me from BBQ’ing. I picked up a few thinly cut ribeye steaks and a lovely looking red snapper that had “GRILL ME” tattoo’d on the side. I decided it can’t be coincidence, and so therefore I must bid adieu and go follow the instructions. I’ll be back later with some DC United commentary.