OK, this has to be one of the worse comparisons I’ve seen, but at least the girl was honest enough to admit the “unscientificness” at the end of the video. What seems like an excuse to put a cute girl on camera has its funny moments like when the Palm employee gives her the “are you retarded?” look, then proceeds to “beam” her his phone number. You know, in case she needs help later.

Palm Centro vs Applie iPhone.

Two really different devices, I’m not sure I would compare the two. The Centro is really a PDA with a phone attached and the iPhone is a music player with a phone attached. The comparison never really addressed the strength of either one.

In my limited opinion, if I were on the Cingular/AT&T/Xingular/AT&T network (and liked iPods/iTunes) I’d have a go at the iPhone. Its pretty sharp looking, holds a decent amount of music, nice interface etc. Otherwise you have a slew of wannabes with some major and some minor flaws to choose from on other carriers, but none really come close to the iPhone.

For people like me, the choice is really Palm vs Blackberry. For the moment I’m on the Palm side of the fence, but when its time to update my phone in a year or so we’ll have to revisit.