I think we’ve all been there before. You give the cashier a bill, and you get the wrong change back. Now did you only *think* you gave her a $20? or did she mess up and short you the $$$?

Cop pulls up to a drive-thru, thinks he gives the cashier a $20 gets his change without checking it and drives off. He quickly realizes that he’s been shorted some $$$ and comes back into to get his change. Now, if this were any of us ordinary folk, the manager would have come back to us and tell us we were out of luck, the cashier doesn’t have an extra $20 bill and sent us on our merry way.

Ahhhhh. But this is no ordinary man, this is the Police! So he insists that she has his money.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaHyuWgir8U[/youtube]

Now mistake #1 was the cop thinking he gave a $20 when in fact he gave a $10 (the video sorta proves it). Mistake #2 was the disappearing manager who was nowhere to be found during the ensuing altercation who should have been sticking up for his employee. Mistake #3 was the cashier’s completely disrespectful tone.

Harvey’s thoughts: Maybe its just me, but whenever approached (fortunately… not very often) by a police officer or other member of authority I ALWAYS speak to them in a respectful, non-confrontational tone. Am I a sellout? Wimp? Pansy? Maybe… but I certainly don’t want to end up rodneykinged (yes, that is a real verb, look it up) or end up in jail for repeatedly striking a baton with my face. Worse comes to worse, I go “downtown” and it gets sorted out there. Are there some shady cops? Of course. But there are some good ones too. And the best way to make the good AND bad cops angry is to mouth off to them. But thats just my $0.02…

Mistake #4 was the cop MACING the cashier, *especially* since he was in the wrong from the get-go. Now there’s mace in the fry-cooker and the chicken nuggets. Great.