Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we can have fights in soccer just like the big boys do over in Europe and South America.

MLS fines and suspensions, a Press Release on MLS’s website.

You HAVE to check out the videos, especially the “Sala and Petke incident”. To watch, click on the text that says “350k” and a new window opens with a windows media video.
Right after the last penalty kick, the Colorado team is celebrating. And the FC Dallas goalie (Dario Sala) just gets up off the ground and takes a swing at the first guy he comes to, who isn’t even facing him! Then the Colorado backup goalie comes over as if to say “Hey what are you doing” and gets caught in a Mike Tyson haymaker, and gets laid out like a crisp dollar bill. Mike Petke then comes in to save the day with a Mortal Kombat flying kick that misses almost everything.
As your watching it for the third time, notice the audio. Listen to the disappointment in the crowd as their team loses. You can hear one guy say “Hey, look they’re fighting” and another woman wailing in the background. Not sure if shes upset cause they lost or upset at the fight.