I love seeing Apple eat it in the news. Their products are underfeatured and overpriced, yet somehow everyone seems to overlook it. So i take it upon myself to occasionally “inform” my readers, in particular where Steve Jobs gets a little mud on his face. Here are a few snippets…

  • Trade Commission probing Apple’s iPod
    Creative was the first to bring out the neat “touchpad” interface with their Zen series of mp3 players. Shortly thereafter Apple’s iPod came out with a very similar system, ditching their long standing “click-wheel” system. Well Creative recently sued Apple, and Apple promptly sued them right back over the patent rights. Now the International Trade Commision is looking into it.
  • Judging Apple Sweatshop Charge, Inside Apple’s iPod factories
    If you thought Kathy Lee drove a hard bargin, wait till you see this one. $50 a month in one plant in China with workers actually living onsite in dormatories. $100 a month in another plant without living quarters.