OK, so my original plan was to do some comparison shopping. I am leaving for Florida today, and I was going to look around down there. Rumor has it that the prices are a bit cheaper than here (Metro DC) and you can always get stuff like leather and heated seats thrown in for free or really cheap. So in the event that its significantly cheaper it would be worth it to send the car up here by auto-train or something.

So yesterday I went really quickly to a Honda dealership to look at prices here so I could compare with prices down in Florida.

I left with a new car….

Yes, I know it may have been a little impulsive.

On the whole, I am happy with the purchase. I would have liked to comparison shop a little more with other models. In particular the Toyota Matrix and the Scion xB. I’m partial to hatchbacks (for evidence see my VW Golf), so I would have liked to take a look at them. Its a shame that the Civic no longer comes in that body style.

I am a terrible haggler. OK, thats a lie. I am the worst haggler on the face of the earth. So I pretty much took their price which was pretty good. The 2006s are clearing out so that they can make room for 2007s.

So my choices were a couple of DX cars which don’t even come with AC, the LX cars are middle with most power features, the EX cars have all the bells and whistles. Each model was about 2 grand more than the previous. I really liked the sunroof on the EX, but the extra 2 grand didn’t sit well. So I figured the LX was a good fit. It had my basic needs such as AM/FM/CD, power everything, keyless entry. I could choose from dark blue (hard to keep clean), lighter blue (kinda gay looking), and silver (I chose this one).

I got a couple options installed, an alarm system, tinted windows, and the undercarriage rust-proofing thing that may or may not actually work :). So those will be getting installed while I’m down in Florida and the car will be waiting for me when I get back.

I’ll post photos when I pick up the car on monday or tuesday. It should look really slick since its silver with tinted windows. Not that thats important or anything…