Astoria woman ‘freaks out’ after finding snakes in car

Yeah, I would definitely freak out too if I found some snakes in my car. Look, I scream like a little girl and hop around like a drunk, retarded ostrich with one leg when I see a spider which is proably less than the size of a quarter. I would probably need heavy doses of sedatives (like the kind they shoot into polar bears to tag them) just to not go through the day hyper-ventilating after finding a THREE FOOT LONG snake in my car.

This poor lady found 20 snakes (more later fell out of various places in the car) who were probably extras from Samuel Jackson’s movie “Snakes on a plane”. The police tend to think it was a prank. I gotta tell you, if that happened to me and Ashton Kutcher jumped out from behind the bushes I’d shoot him. Don’t ask me where I’d get the gun from, ‘cus I’d find one. Can you imagine the setup guys? “Hey man, didn’t we put 24 snakes in here? I only got 23 in the bag” “Nah, man don’t worry they probably just ate each other. I hear they are canibus”.