Richard Hammond the co-host of one of my favorite TV shows, “Top Gear” on BBC2, crashed while attempting to break the UK speed record.

Hammond’s slight improvement []

TV host ‘followed safety rules’ []

Hopefully he turns out to be OK, but when you flip a car going over 300mph you can only really just pray for the best. Apparently the rollcage was intact and likely saved his life. No word yet on the injuries, but I assume they are very serious. The Sun article says:

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Top Gear was a GREAT show, not only for showing expensive cars like Ferraris that I will never own, but also for doing tons of crazy funny stuff. To bring back a few memories, I’ve found some clips on youtube.

Top Gear Crashes 3 Cheap Cars
Purchase a car for $100, then do a comparisonto see which one is best. Challenges included, a race, miles per gallon, and finally collision tests.

Top Gear – Bob Sled vs. EVO Rally Car
Which is the faster one down a moutain (Lillehammer to be exact)? A bob sled or the EVO Rally car? Watch to find out.

Top gear – People Carrier Car Wash
One of my personal favs… They tried to “build their own” convertible out of i think a minivan. This last challenge was to see if it would hold up to a carwash. Not only did the top not stay on… it set the car wash machinery on fire!

Top Gear – Range Rover Sport vs Challenger 2 tank
How about comparing a Range Rover Sport to a tank? I think that pretty much give you all you need to know.

Top Gear – How To Kill a Porsche 911
Normally, trying to destroy a Porsche 911 gets you on my sh*t list. But not if you do it so entertainingly. Apparently, dropping a piano on it, driving into a wall, shooting it, kicking it, pouring acid on it, are all not enough to stop a Porsche 911…

Top Gear Toyota Hilux Destruction – part 1
Top Gear Toyota Hilux Destruction – part 2

Speaking of killing stuff… This two parter is well worth the time watching it (about 10mins each clip). They try to destroy a Toyota Hilux pickup trucks. Never heard of it you say? You’ve sure seen it. Its the truck those guys in warzones use to strap a machine gun on, you’ll recognize it.

Top Gear Football (Toyota Aygo Vs Volkswagen Fox)
Playing soccer with little cars. Litterally, 5 cars on each side with a huge inflatable soccer ball.

Top Gear Amphibious Car Challenge
Another one of my favs… Each of the hosts bought a cheap car, and tried to convert it to a boat. HILARIOUS!