The lineup is announced on the US Soccer website. According to the MatchTracker, the starters are Kasey Keller, Steve Cherundolo, Oguchi Onyewu, Eddie Lewis, Eddie Pope, Pablo Mastroeni, Claudio Reyna, Bobby Convey, DeMarcus Beasley, Landon Donovan, Brian McBride. If they post (as they usually do) a image with the projected formation, I’ll edit this post to reflect that.

As near as I can guess… this looks like they will lineup like this:

Cherundolo - Pope - Onyewu - Lewis
--------Mastroeni - Reyna ---------
Beasley ----------------------Convey

So basically, McBride will play the traditional target forward with Beasley and Convey running the flanks and Donovan behind them providing service. Mastroeni and Reyna will give defensive cover and link with the attackers. If you look, you will see that there are three EXCELLENT crossers of the ball in Lewis, Cherundolo and Convey. I think we will frequently see Cherundolo move up and either reyna or Mastro giving cover if the Czechs play to the flank.

Defensively, look for Onyewu and Pope to take turns marking Koller and the US should take extra care in denying service from midfield. Cherundolo and Lewis will probably step up very quickly to the flank players and look to deny the crosses. Reyna and Mastroeni will try to shut down the Czech playmakers like Rosicky in the middle of the field.

Offensively, look for McBride to hold the ball for the onrushing attacking midfielders Donovan, Beasley, and Convey. This trio has played together in youth tourneys and know each other well. All excel at running at defenders and should get ample opportunity to do so. They will be particularly dangerous on the counter-attack if Czech pushes forward, which they likely will. I don’t see them being “scared” or cautious against the US.

Again, first goal is the key, no matter if its pretty or pretty ugly as long as we score first.