It never ceases to amaze me how much interesting stuff goes on in the world that you would never otherwise know about.

First up. You may know of the Roomba, the automated vacuum cleaner. Its actually quite a nifty thing as it uses IT sensors placed around itself to detect its environment and avoid things such as tables, chairs, people and small animals. Well, I came across this blog which describes a hack for the Roomba which lets it play music. It actually seems like it would be a really neat idea…. Until you actually hear it.

This list here on is really funny. It asks people to list their favorite jokes. Yes there are a few groaners in there, but most are pretty funny and the list keeps growing. My favorite (so far in my reading…)…

A New Zealander walks into his bedroom with a sheep under his arm and says, “Darling, this is the pig I have sex with when you have a headache.”

His girlfriend is lying in bed and replies:

“I think you’ll find that’s a sheep, you idiot.”

The man says, “I think you’ll find I wasn’t talking to you.”

Most of you probably know who Steve Jobs is. He is the founder of Apple. For the most part, I don’t like Macs and Mac users. Not because they don’t actually make good working products… I just dislike their snooty advertising and marketing. So I make no efforts to hide my amusement when things like this happen :D