I always knew that some of these mechanics are really shady. When I got fed up with my treatment from the dealer (Springfield VW and Stohlman VW), I searched for about a year before I found a mechanic I could trust. There was always something that said “they’re ripping you off” as they smile and tell you how your car really needs that Reverse Condensing Flux Capacitor for $500, but since you seem like a nice person, they’ll do you a favor and replace it for $499 instead.

KNBC in Los Angeles has a video up on their website where they placed hidden cameras inside a car and drove to Jiffy Lube to get an oil change. In 5 out of 9 Jiffy Lubes they charged for repairs they didn’t do. That’s more than half for those of you who ain’t much gooder at ‘rithmetic. The funny part is they called a district manager who showed up, then denied he was the district manager and they caught him in a bold-faced lie.