I have no TV. No internet. No telephone.

I normally get all my services from Cox Cable, which to this point over the last 3 years has been pretty reliable. They were only marred by a few occurances of internet outtage which came back up quickly, a low TV signal which they fixed by installing an amplifier free of charge, and a telephone cable mis-wiring when I first got the telephone service but has been fine ever since.

Last night I arrived home to basically a dead household. The TV was a blackscreen, no dialtone on the phone and the internet was dead. So I called Cox and was told it was an outtage. I called again this morning and was told it wasn’t an outtage and then it was an outtage. So apparently, its an intermitent thing.

I will definitely call again later today if its not up and working since I am missing WC Games here. This event only happens once every four years, and the cable chooses NOW to go out? Great…