Brian CarrollBrian Carroll for US National Team
Brian CarrollBrian Carroll with DC United

… at Alemannia Aachen in Germany.


Hmmmm. Not sure how this will play out. Carroll is good enough to play overseas, and if he doesn’t catch on with this team, I’m sure there are others he could hook up with and get a significant payraise in the process. He was in training with Blackburn Rovers of the English Premier League last winter, but he wouldn’t qualify for a visa due to their *very* strict rules (need a lot of national team caps) so this is potentially better for him.

The question mark is how does this fit in with DC United. Simms would be a very capable (altho different) replacement, but he has been exposed in the upcoming expansion draft. Now, the rumormill says that Nick Rimando would be the one likely to go, but the potential is there for both to be gone, and that leaves a gaping hole right in front of our defense. I wonder if his brother Jeff Carroll would step in, or perhaps Devon McTavish would play there. I think moving Ben Olsen there would be a mistake as he can’t cover enough ground and he’s prone to yellow cards as it is.

Good luck to ya Brian.