I love it when people give me good stuff to work with. I tell a co-worker that Brazil is winning 2-0 at halftime. She says “the scores are so low.” So I say think of it as in football… the score is really 14-0 at halftime. “Oh.”

Anyway, I watched the last 15mins of the first half and it was pretty good. The highlight of Ronaldo’s goal was brtutal. He shook the Ghanaian keeper out of his sandals, er, I mean, cleats, with a viscious stepover and then just tapped in.

For the time I was watching, Ghana was actually playing better than Brazil, and actually had a shot cleared off the line. The announcers gave Dida a little too much credit for standing in the center of the goal and having the ball bounce off his leg, but whatever. Then two minutes later (or something like that) Brazil scores on a counter-attack to make it 2-0 going into halftime. Such is the way the ball bounces sometimes. Ghana has a tough job for the second half, but Brazil has never been a good defensive team, and as I will keep repeating adnausem… I don’t trust the Brazilian central defenders and goalkeeper. They will absolutely let in a cheesy goal and have been lucky not to be burned so far. Lets see how long the luck lasts….