Man, I love this show.

This is on the short list of BEST shows on TV right now. The only other show I’d even mention in the same sentence is ABC’s Lost.

And they absolutely tortured me at the end of the season finale (Lay Down Your Burdens) by displaying “Coming in October”. I screamed “NOOOOooooooo…….” and threw popcorn at my TV. I ranted for like 2 days “How could they do this to ME!?!?!”

Well, they happily and unexpectedly threw me a bone. They are doing a series of 10 Webisodes (short mini-movies) from now until the season opener on October 5th.

You’ve got to check them out. Go to the Battlestar Galactica website on and click on the episode link. The story basically picks up a sometime after the season finale in which the Cylons have found the human “hideout” and enslaved them all. A resistance has taken root and the main characters are trying to build up people and weapons to strike back.

Also, check out the trailers for the upcoming season 3. The music is great and its just enough of a tease where you can let your imagination go buckwild. Kinda like the Star Wars Episode III teaser where all you hear is Darth Vader breathing.