But not for me :)

Happy hour tonite at Gordon Biersch (however you spell it), but these poor bastards in the photos posted over at idiots-guide.org sure had a bad day.

Bad Day

As they say… a picture tells a thousand words. In this case, the words tell a very interesting story.

In the first few photos, you can see one of those “new-age hippie” carwashes. You’ve seen them before. They clean your car by dunking it in the river repeatedly until you give them $12.50. The algae acts like carnuba wax, giving your car a lustrous finish.

But alas, good help is hard to come by. And the dunking machine operator was listening to Busta Ryhmes say “flip-mode!” and thought his boss told him to goto “flip-mode”. And well, there you have it.

Fortunately Michael Long Truck & Crane Hire was available to help out. He finished rinsing off the original car, and then tried to get the dunking machine out of the tub. But kinda like your buddies in high school and college, they thought it was funny if they pulled you into the pool too. But just like right before Prom in the tuxedo you borrowed from your Dad without telling him, it wasn’t funny this time either…